Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day out with Daddy

Last week the girls were given the awesome opportunity to go to work with Dad. They have looked forward to the adventure for months. All week they prepared, deciding what they were going to wear, what they would bring to entertain themselves, what they would eat and drink, and even what they would say.
When the big day arrived, they were up early and ready to go hours before time. The Day Out was a huge success and was definitely all they had imagined and more.
It was a growing experience for us all. John had fun witnessing his little ladies' personalities; they are still SO little, and yet SO grown up!!! The girls enjoyed the one on one with dad, and felt the responsibility of entertaining and keeping an eye on each other. Mom relished the quiet of the house, only to discover she missed the noisy chaos. And Eben loved being the center of attention and an "only child" for a day.
Aren't family dynamics fun?!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Richly Blessed

Christmas was spent at home this year. For the first time since having kids, we were home alone for the holidays. We missed our dear extended families, but managed to make it a special day. The kids were especially blessed by receiving what their tiny little hearts desired and beyond.

Josephine asked for books, but she has been obsessed with owning her very own wolf cub for long over a year. She was overjoyed to receive both, but the wolf is by far her favorite.
Adela asked for money, although she has been longing to learn to play the guitar ever since she was a babe. She was given money, and a bank to store it, BUT thanks to my trusty friend Freecycle, she was given a real guitar which she adores.

Thessaly asked for mommy to get jewelry, and a little jewelry for herself too. She was showered with jewels and and a jewelry box. On top of that, she received a stuffed husky who makes sounds...something that she has desired since her big sister got an "alive" cat years ago. She has already misplace much of the jewelry, but doesn't even leave home without the husky.

Eben just loves cars. That's it! Loves, loves, loves cars. So, yes, he was given a plethora of them. But as we all know at the jolly old age of 18 months, the best gift is....

the wrapping paper!

We were happy to give our children the gifts that they picked out for themselves, but it was such a joy to surprise them with the unexpected, something that delighted them through and through. How wonderful to know the hearts of my children to the point where I knew even more than they did what they would cherish and hold dear.

Our tender loving Father must hear our prayers filled with the desires of what we think would be perfect for us, what we just "know" will make us happy. He is happy to bless us with so many of these things, but deep down He knows us better than we even know ourselves. He says, here is what you asked for, but sit back and watch is something that will stretch your heart like you never imagined.