Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cheer

It's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone this year. We took the week off from school, enjoyed some indoor down time, and had alot of fun projects to keep us busy. The kids have decorated gingerbread houses, strung popcorn garlands, made glitter snowflakes, decorated cone Christmas trees, and built snowmen of Rice Krispies. Josephine was planning on performing a Christmas Recital for friends, but we ended up coming down with colds and were unable to invite them over. For your listening pleasure and to show her what a proud mama I am of all the hard work she's poured into her piano practice, I'm posting her "recital" on youtube. In addition, there is a piece of cheer from my Favorite Four. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Express Herself

My little fashionista is at it again. Adela is my child with a style all her own. Although she is concerned with others opinions at times, she likes exploring her own ideas and expressing herself in her own unique way. As long as it is modest, I see no need to reign her in...superhero costume to the store, homemade paper jewelry as gifts, clothes on backwards so pockets are more convenient...okay, maybe I'll draw the line at bedsheets for headgear out in public....but still, what fun it is to see what she comes up with next!

A chilly day at Homeschool Camp

Zoom in to see the decoration of code

A wardrobe malfunction

Not quite sure:-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let the Cold Begin

We've made it to December without too much snow. And frankly, compared to last year, we've made it to December without too much illness. We've been in relatively good health. However, winter is upon us and thus begins the "cold" season.

The temps have dropped and unfortunately so has the wellness factor. We are a household of ick. It seems when little Eben catches something, so do we all. I wonder why??? Click here if you are curious. I'm also sure this doesn't help!!!


When I was nearly 14 years old, my parents sat us kids down at the dining table and made a very important announcement: another child was on the way, making us a family of seven. I was going to be a big sister for the fourth time. I remember feeling SO torn...I loved my siblings and knew I would love this one too, BUT I would be gone from the house by the time this sister started actually making memories. I made it my mission to make a permanent and lasting impression on her heart so that she would know I was her biggest sister and would be there for her and love her always. When Shayla, a.k.a. ShadyLane, arrived I adopted her and quickly became her "second mommy." We were close, we still spite of that mean thing called "distance." We made each other tapes of our voices, talked on the phone, wrote letters and colored pictures. She was even the precious flower girl for my wedding.
Last month, my littlest sis got married. It was a very nostalgic event for me (not that everything in life revolves around me, but after all, this is MY blog;-). My "first" little baby was grown up and getting married!!!! And to make it even more strange, my other little baby girl, Thessaly, was her flower girl!!!
How fast life sweeps us along. How quickly we turn the corner and face the newest challenge or see life repeating itself.
Here are some long awaited and much anticipated pictures of all my "kids."

God has blessed me richly, wouldn't you say?!