Thursday, August 6, 2015

Don't Cry over Spilled Tea

Oh, to be a mom filled with patience and kindness...a mom who takes each stressful moment and turns it into a training experience for her children where it happily ends in hugs and love and joy all around.  At the end of the day, when I lay my head on my pillow and go over all of those tense moments of the day when I should have breathed first before reacting,  or had a soft answer instead of harsh, I pray for the calm and wisdom to seize the day and touch these hearts entrusted to me.

After reading another mother's experience with a dropped cake, I hid her lesson in my heart and promised myself that I, too, could react in love.  Little did I know that the Lord had heard my vow and would put me to the test.

On this particular "teaching me" Sunday,  we were hosting a large lunch with many guests after worship services.  Being the planner that I am and knowing that chaos is always at it's peak on a rushed Sunday morning, I'd already done the cleaning, the setting of tables, the list of what to pull out after church, and even had the dinner in the crockpot.  I was feeling on top of things, which is a rarity now that #5 has joined the crew.  The kids were dressed, the Bibles were gathered, and that's when my eldest decided to be helpful.  To help get her brother's milk from the fridge, she gingerly reached around the full gallon of sweet tea on the top shelf of the refrigerator.  It was one of those moments where time stands still as everyone watches helplessly as the fast falling pitcher dropped from the shelf, poured it's contents over every shelf of the refrigerator, seeped through the rug, pooled an inch deep of sticky brown puddles across the freshly mopped floor, and proceeded to flood into the pantry soaking every item in it's wake...a moment that she, nor I, will ever forget.  My normal reaction would be to yell, cry, question her barbaric actions, and storm about madly, while frantically cleaning, raging, and questioning, "Why, dear Lord? Why?!?!"  But this day, this blessed day, I actually rose to the challenge.  Before her face could even fall and the tears begin to burst from her eyes, I grabbed her in a hug and told her it was all okay.  I assured her that it was a mess that was easily cleaned and a gallon simply remade.  I reminded her that I make mistakes all of the time and it could have easily happened to me.  And I thanked her!  What a wonderful daughter I have, who would volunteer to help to try and ease my load.  She is a constant blessing to me, and I never want her to forget that.

Our Father is so good to take us in His arms time and again, whether it be our accidental slip or a failure we've done for the hundredth time.  I'm thankful that He allowed me another chance to finally get it right, and I'm prayerful that His reminder will play in my head the next time this challenge arises...which knowing my family, may be before this post even makes it to save.
I may not always get this mama-thing done right, but thank the Lord for friends' encouragement and clumsy children that provide me with lots of chances.