Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Have you ever tried to avoid the inevitable?  You know that dreaded thing that needs to be done, but you just keep putting it off until later...or perhaps that illness going around that you are trying with all of your might to flee from, but sooner or later it's gonna come knocking on your door...even the decision that has been weighing on your mind for countless moments, that must be decided once and for all.

Growing up, these moments seem to come along more and more often.  I'm trying to look at them as growing experiences.  Hoping that I will find a renewed strength or even wisdom from doing, facing, and deciding.  That brilliant light has not yet come.  I thought once a resolution was found, everything would be clear and crystal.  As a child, it seemed that once the inevitable occurred, peace was restored.  But as an adult, it seems that is not so much the case!

Perhaps the lyrics of Frozen's 'Let It Go!' will play out.
"It's funny how some distance,
makes everything seem small.
And the fears that once controlled me, can't get to me at all"

But until then, I find comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in these perpetual wrestlings.  I'm not the only one who wishes it was just easier.   Even Paul struggled, "...but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?
Right?! When do these things get easier?
His conclusion is that this light and peace is not fact, it's not even necessarily on this earth.   "Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

This is where faith kicks in.  Without it, these times seem pointless.  With Him, these times seem like stepping stones getting us closer to our goal.  Thanks be to God, that He listens and takes our hand throughout!"