Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Ties

When the Lord decided to send us to Jersey, I could not IMAGINE what He was thinking. We were not a northern family. We were not Big City people. What could possibly be the reason???
As always, He knew better than little ole' me. What wonderful plans He had for us. Little did I know, that I had family in New Jersey! He introduced us to our grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and even sisters and brothers. Here they were, just waiting for us...waiting to love us, and be loved. You know how after a new physical activity, you suddenly realize you have muscles you didn't even know existed...well, that's how my heart feels after being here for two years. Man, I love these people!!!
Now, here we are again. We're trying not to visualize this move as a leaving of our precious family, but a "come and visit soon" kind of thing. It's a bittersweet thing when you leave family, but the great thing know you ARE know you WILL see each other know that love will only grow stronger through know that come what may, God has a plan and it truly is beautiful.
So, if you haven't heard our news...we are moving to Abilene, TX at the end of June. We look at this as another adventure in the lives of the Weaver family. We trust that the Lord has a purpose for us. We trust that He knows what lies ahead. We'll desperately miss Jersey, but are looking forward to meeting the family we don't even know yet.
Texas' family, Ready or not, here we come!