Monday, October 10, 2011

Swift Kick

We were swimming in the pool the other day, and little Thessaly swims over to me looking all adorable. She opens those big eyes of hers, smiles ear to ear, and then kicks me. "Ow! What was that for?" I ask her. As she swims away giggling in delight, she explains to me, "That is the way I show someone I love them when I'm in the pool."
Interesting!!! How often is it that we need to show our affections to our loved ones with a swift kick? I'm not talking about physical violence, of course. But if we truly love someone, we'd be willing to risk their wrath by giving them the nudge or kick (if you will) they need. I know I'm not an easy one to reprimand. I wear my feelings right out there on my sleeve and sadly get my feelings hurt time and again. However, I would be mortified if my loved ones knew I was in the wrong and didn't point it out. This is not an invitation to have a kicking fest on Vivi today;-) but maybe next time someone swims over and gives me a loving kick, I should thank them and swim on my merry way knowing they truly love me.

Ideal Neighborhood

Can we say we love it here without betraying all our old home states and families and friends? We miss everyone terribly, and if we could we'd pick them all up and transport them with us. We could create this perfect neighborhood of all those we've had to leave behind. Have them living right next door. Walk out the door in the morning and wave at them across the street. Take long walks together, sit talking for countless hours, or just enjoy the close proximity.

If I've learned anything from all of these moves, it's to seize the day (and be flexible and never begin potty training before a move...but I sidetrack). Make friends with those around you for you don't know how long you'll have them there and when the separation comes you'll only wish you had done it more. Enjoy the scenery and environments because seasons change quickly. Make your family your home, all else changes.

I'm thrilled with the idea that this paradise neighborhood is actually a reality. It's in the works as we live and breath. In a blink of an eye, this will all be passed and we're all going to be living right there, in the perfect place...together. We'll truly be able to spend countless hours together, never separating again. I have to warn you now though, I'm going to know an awful lot of you up there because everywhere I've lived I've met the best souls!
Miss you all but promise we'll see you soon!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Your Fault!

As Adela sat on the floor wedged between the wall and the side of the bed, she slowly woke from her middle-of-the-night daze to realize she had fallen off of the bed. I must admit, that as her parent, I was not surprised at all that she had rolled off; in fact, I had predicted, warned, and even tried to prevent the occurrence. But she believed that she knew best. She argued that she was mature enough and experienced enough to judge how close to the edge she could will herself. What did surprise me is her response upon realizing that she had fallen. “Mom, it's your fault! You made me fall off of the bed!” Contrary to her belief, I did not push her off the edge…she did that all on her own.

I wonder how often, in my naïve self-confident state, I shirk the blame for things that go wrong. Knowing full well that He warned me, that He tried to prevent it from happening, that He even put barriers up to help me avoid the obvious outcome, yet I thought I was mature enough and experienced enough to judge how close to the edge I could will myself. I pray I heed His warnings next time.

My fear is that Adela will once again refuse a side pillow, and unfortunately have to learn the hard way. She might even continue to make it several times before truly learning for herself in a way that might have lingering effects (broken bones are not uncommon around that girl;-).

May it only take us one fall, if none at all, to trust that He truly does know what is best!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Ties

When the Lord decided to send us to Jersey, I could not IMAGINE what He was thinking. We were not a northern family. We were not Big City people. What could possibly be the reason???
As always, He knew better than little ole' me. What wonderful plans He had for us. Little did I know, that I had family in New Jersey! He introduced us to our grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and even sisters and brothers. Here they were, just waiting for us...waiting to love us, and be loved. You know how after a new physical activity, you suddenly realize you have muscles you didn't even know existed...well, that's how my heart feels after being here for two years. Man, I love these people!!!
Now, here we are again. We're trying not to visualize this move as a leaving of our precious family, but a "come and visit soon" kind of thing. It's a bittersweet thing when you leave family, but the great thing know you ARE know you WILL see each other know that love will only grow stronger through know that come what may, God has a plan and it truly is beautiful.
So, if you haven't heard our news...we are moving to Abilene, TX at the end of June. We look at this as another adventure in the lives of the Weaver family. We trust that the Lord has a purpose for us. We trust that He knows what lies ahead. We'll desperately miss Jersey, but are looking forward to meeting the family we don't even know yet.
Texas' family, Ready or not, here we come!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Ripple Effect (Part II)

"There's an eye watching you!" is a line out of a song we sung in worship service growing up. It reminds us that the Lord sees everything, even when we think we're alone. Now, I have 8 little eyes watching every move I make. Even when I am unaware of having their attention, those eyes are carefully observing. And if that's not enough, I have Josephine reminding me often with her big cheesy grin, "You know, mom, I hear everything. You need to remember I'm always listening." This can be a good thing, right? Shouldn't my daily behavior, speech, reactions, feelings all be appropriate for them to see and hear?

I don't feel like I'm on display all of the time, but if you take a look at my kids, you can see they've been watching....soaking it in....learning......and putting it altogether to becoming themselves. They can't help but take what they see and hear as normal and emulate it, making it their own.

It's almost scary, this awesome responsibility. It makes me take a look at the ripples I'm sending out, and humbly ask forgiveness for when I fall short, as often happens. It's also exciting, seeing what an influence I can have for good.

There's another song we sing, "Oh to Be Like Thee." What a perfect example we have in our Father, if only we surround ourselves with his example daily...hourly. If our eyes are watching Him and our ears are listening to the way He talks, reacts, behaves, and lives, we can't help but grow to be more like Him. Unlike me, He is the perfect example. He's not going to lead me down the wrong path, or teach me a bad habit. Oh to Be Like Thee, Blessed Redeemer for there are Eyes Watching Me and each of my actions has a Ripple Effect on all my little ones, and their little ones, and beyond.

Eben leading singing again
just like his Daddy.